Content Requests

To add to my wonderful spring enthusiasm based on sunny days and spring showers giving life to this oft-barren Alberta, I’ve received more new blog followers than normal. Thank you so much to you all. It’s a great, uplifting feeling to have people reading and (hopefully) appreciating my content.

My brain is a flurry of thoughts, opinions, links between science and concepts. While there are endless articles for me to present to readers, it’s also important that you see more than just what I think is important. I’m urging anyone who is inquisitive to reach out, comment, email, scream from the mountain tops and let me know what topics interest you.

If a client is in front of me, their needs and curiosities are quite apparent. Granted, that comes through years of experience working with people. But I definitely cannot just assume what my readers would like to know about. I will change that and say that I can assume, but I feel as though the reader will get more out of this content if their queries are discussed.

Don’t hold back!

Talk to me!

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