“We offer an exceptional, one-on-one fitness and rehabilitation experience provided by professional, career Trainers.”

Our Mission

United Training and Wellness is committed to making YOUR health journey work for YOU. Whether you desire in-home Personal Training or rehabilitation, or online video meetings for Nutrition or Exercise advice, we can cater to your needs.

Our History

With more than 15 years in the Health and Wellness industry, Jordan McWhirter has developed a unique approach to helping his clients get the most out of their mind and body. For the client, the experience will feel unique to their needs, attentive, and very professional.

“Jordan delivers excellent Health Coaching. He uses a client-based, customized approach, and his feedback is always professional and positive. Jordan is able to use his Kinesiology degree and many certifications to address a variety of health, physical and nutrition issues and has a special talent for providing easy-to-understand advice.”

Peggy Noble
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