Individualized services. The best way for you. The only way it should be.

Any option with United is creatively tailored to what you need. Your input is equally as important as our knowledge and years of experience. Every service is provided with an appropriate consultation and detailed testing to make sure that your needs are considered.

Let’s invest in you, together.

In-Home Health Training

Choosing In-Home service brings your health right to your door. Choose it for:

-The convenienceof someone bringing equipment to your home

-Additional comfort away from crowded gyms and the loud atmoshphere

-The oppportunity to save on gym fees over time

-The ease of scheduling appointments so you don’t miss workouts

Online Health Training

Getting the help that you need in an online environment can be helpful in many situations:

-You’re uncomfortable meeting in person

-You’re a busy professional who needs a way to fit your health into your schedule

-You have mobility issues

-You have fitness equipment at home and just need the guidance to use it effectively


Hourly: $100 + tax

Full Health Assessment

Choosing a full health assessment is a wonderful way to begin taking charge of your health journey. This is an highly tailored service. We adapt to the person being assessed, rather than adhering to a strict formula.

-Current physical state (injuries, limitations, physical ability)

-Past health issues

-Nutrition (groceries, weekly nutrient intake)

-Home (kitchen, workout space, ergonomics, mobility issues)

-Habits and behaviours

Each Full Health Assessment comes with a complete written report including findings and suggestions for future success in your health journey.


Hourly: $100 + tax, plus invoiced time for written report

Exercise Space Assessment and Consulting

If you are looking to set up a new home gym or modify your current space, an assessment and consulting can prove very helpful.

Fitness equipment is everywhere on the market, to say nothing of racks, flooring, mats and more. How do you know what you need?

This service helps with:

-Assessing your space

-Working with custom home builders to develop a workout space right for you

-Recommending equipment (equipment, brands, which weight integers are right for your needs)

-Sourcing equipment from shops and suppliers

-Install when appropriate


Hourly: $150 + tax

Jordan’s knowledge of and passion for Health and Wellness shines through when he coaches. He’ll find new ways to challenge you and help you to see the power in small changes. Jordan helps you to focus on what you can do and refuses to employ the guilt based tactics other programs are often based on.

Ashley Owens

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